We are Kerry & Kim Goshert, we live, work,
and make these Soy Products on our 7th
Generation Farm near the town of Mentone,
Indiana, where we grow Soybeans, Corn,
Wheat, and raise Beef cattle.  By buying our
Soybean Products you help us supplement our
farm income along with enabling us to
maintain our rural lifestyle and to keep the
Family Farm for generations to come, along
with enjoying the benefits of a quality product
that we have researched and now provide to
We started making the 100% Soy Wax Candles in August of 2003, after much
research and testing of many waxes, fragrances, and containers to use.  As farmers
we had used the "Soy" candles for years and enjoyed the unique characteristics that
it possesses, along with supporting our Agricultural industry.  In the summer of 2003
our church conducted a project called, "The Kingdom Assignment", based on the
Matthew 25 story of the master giving one servant 5 talents, 3 talents to another one,
and 1 talent to the last servant.  The church offered $50 to anyone who wanted to
participate in this "Kingdom Assignment", but there were 2 requirements;  1) Bless
someone with the investment of $50,  and 2) return the proceeds of the investment to
the Church for the Haiti Mission Team, to be good stewards of the $50 like the 2
good servants and not like the last one who buried it for safe keeping.   Kim decided
we needed to participate so she took the $50 and prayed on how to invest & Bless
someone, not coming up with an idea, Kerry mentioned making "Soy" Candles.  
From there we purchased $50 worth of supplies and sold them at craft shows,
afterwards we had raised $150 to return to the Haiti Mission team along with
Blessing people with a high quality candle that they love.  People then called us
wanting more, so from there we have grown to doing several shows, festivals, fund
raisers, products in retails stores, and informational displays of what Soybeans are
in.  By doing the "Kingdom Assignment" it has taught us to risk and use what God
has given us, and it will be Blessed.  If you would like to know more about knowing
what God has for you,
click on this link.
K Soy Products