Our 100% Soy Wax Burns 99% soot free!
Very Aromatic, once experienced, you'll never go
back to any other candle!
No "Tunneling", completely melts to edges!
No wasted Wax!
Unsurpassed Quality & Great Customer Service!
K Soy Products
    As farmers, we love the soybeans we raise and love
    promoting our industry!    Therefore, we have the
    knowledge of the entire process from planting the
    seed to the lighting of the wick!  
Since our "Soy" Candles are 100%
Soy Wax, you are
Supporting Me
and the
American Soybean Farmer,
and not the petroleum industry with
paraffin candles!!
We live the life of renewable resources,
the renewable all Natural Soy Wax in our
candles, to the heating of our candle
shop with a heater that uses the
from our fields.
When you buy a Soy Candle from us,
you help to maintain our
Heritage on
Family Farm for future
Notice how the candle's melt pool
extends to the edges,
no tunneling with
our candles as they leave no residue on
the edges!!!
All these Candles are Hand Poured on our
7th Generation Farm
1.5 oz. Candle, $2.00
Candle Fragrances
A candle has a memory, so when you
light it, let it burn till the melt pool
reaches the edges, than you can
extinguish the flame.  
Before relighting
wick, trim wick to 1/4 inch
to reduce any
carbon produced by an excessive length of
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5 oz. Candle, $5.00
Candle Fragrances
1/2 Pint Jar Candle, $6.00
Candle Fragrances
10 oz. Double Wicked Candle,  $10.00
****  New Jar  ****
Candle Fragrances
18 oz. Double Wicked Candle, $14.00
Candle Fragrances
27 oz. Double Wicked Candle, $20.00
Candle Fragrances
Root Beer Mug, $15.00
Candle Fragrances
Candle Fragrances
1.5 oz. Soy Votives, $1.50
Candle Fragrances
6 - 1.1 oz. Soy Tarts, $7.25
Choose 2 different fragrances of 3 each,
or 6 of one fragrance
Candle Fragrances